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The Government Purchase Order(PO) process explained

When the government needs to buy something the procurement officer must show 2 things:  1) Get at least 3 competitive bids and 2) Give preference to anyone that deserves it.   

PYP’s step in this process is the first step and that is to get your Product, Business’s name, and any special considerations in front of a procurement officer.      This is all done through NAIC codes.   The more codes you list under the better you can be found.  

You may think that contracts are only won based on the Vendors who have the lowest price. 

You are wrong.  Contracts are awarded because of having special considerations (small business, woman or veteran-owned and certifications like being (8 (a) and Small Disadvantaged).   State and local governments have the requirement to BUY LOCAL or Made in America.   The more boxes you can check off the better your chances are to not having to be the LOWEST price. 

So you ask yourself: will I get a Contract or Purchase Order Agreement if I do not have a GSA#. 

The GSA is one of many federal buying agencies.   The federal government is not the only user of the Procurement Yellow Pages other Countries, States, Counties, Cities, Schools, and Unions all use our website to find products.

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